Water System Design

In the last 50 years, water distribution and design has comprised a large portion of Hornor Brothers Engineer’s business.  Water projects have ranged in size from small line extensions on existing systems, to the development of complete water facilities where there was no central system.  HBE specializes in the redesign and rehabilitation of aging, undersized systems that have been unable to keep up with subsequent growth.

The firm offers services in the area of water resources that include expertise in feasibility studies, funding applications, design, construction inspection, project management and start-up.  Many of our water projects are for clients with whom we have worked on multiple projects over many years.  See representative projects below.


94,000 Gallon Storage Tank Near Selbyville

     HBE has served the Adrian Public Service District in Upshur County, WV since the 1980s.  Over that period the PSD has grown from having no customers or distribution system to nearly 2,200 customers and 161 miles of water distribution mains.  This has been accomplished through seven separate projects.  An eighth project is currently in the design phase to extend another twenty miles of water distribution lines to serve new customers.


Thrust Block for Tee and Hydrant Assembly

     The Bingamon Public Service District in Harrison County, WV hired HBE to upgrade its existing water distribution system.  The project included the replacement of existing undersized waterlines with larger diameter pipe, the rehabilitation of two existing booster pump stations, and the construction of a new water storage tank in order to provide fire flow protection to areas of the system that had never had it before.


43,000 Gallon Tank and Chemical Feed Station on Brushy Fork

     Century-Volga Public Service District in Barbour County, WV, another well-established client, has utilized the expertise of Hornor Brothers Engineers for more than 25 years. Over that period the PSD has grown from having no customers or distribution system to approximately 1,021 customers and 92 miles of distribution mains, plus a series of water booster pump stations and water storage tanks.  This has been accomplished through four separate projects over the years.


100,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank Near Montana Mines

     The Montana Water Association in Marion County, WV hired HBE to upgrade its water distribution system.  The project included the replacement of existing, undersize waterlines with large diameter pipe, a new water storage tank and water booster pump station in order to provide better flow to its customers and fire flow to the areas of the system that had never had it before.


10 Inch HDPE River Crossing Pipe Directionally Drilled

     The Huttonsville Public Service District, located in Randolph County, WV, has utilized the services of HBE for two large waterline extension projects which together serve approximately 800 water customers.  The most recent project serving the communities of Valley Head and Mingo was completed near the end of 2016.


Foundation Construction for 64,000 Gallon Storage Tank On Eightmile Ridge

     HBE has served the Wetzel County Public Service District No. 1 in Wetzel County, WV since the 1980s.  Over that period the PSD has grown from having no customers or distribution system to nearly 700 customers and 66 miles of water distribution mains.  This has been accomplished through four separate projects, the last of which was completed in 2014.  The PSD is currently working with HBE on a fifth project to further extend its system.


New Waterline Construction

     HBE has served the Mannington Public Service District in Marion County, WV since 2004.  Since that time, two waterline extension projects and one water storage project have been completed, totaling approximately 30 miles of water distribution lines added to the existing system which was constructed in the 1970s.  Currently, the firm is working with the PSD to design a new improvement project to replace undersized waterlines in the oldest part of its existing distribution system.  These new lines will also be sized to accommodate fire flow. 


100,000 Gallon Storage Tank on Tallmansville Road

     The Mt. Hope Water Association in Upshur County, WV has been a valued client since its inception in the late 1960s.  HBE has designed every phase and part of this water system since the first phase was constructed in the early 1970s.  Over that period, the water association has grown through multiple projects from having no customers or distribution system to approximately 1,200 customers and 30 miles of distribution mains.  The most recent project in 2015 was to replace the main booster pump station that was more than 40 years old with a higher capacity station that reduced pumping time and increased efficiency. 


New Water Treatment Plant

     The Whitmer Water Association in Randolph County, WV operated a small water distribution system that, after 100 years of operation, was falling apart.  It did not have a reliable distribution system or source of water.  Working with Hornor Brothers Engineers, a complete new water system was designed and constructed consisting of a new water treatment plant, new distribution lines and a water storage tank.  The system also extended service to new customers and provides the fire flow protection that they never previously had.


Two 1,000,000 Gallon Storage Tanks Near Summit Park

     The Clarksburg Water Board retained Hornor Brothers Engineers to design a large waterline extension to serve the new FBI fingerprint identification campus in Harrison County.  This project consisted of pipe diameters ranging up to 20”, three 1,000,000 gallon water storage tanks, a 2,000 gpm water booster pump station, and new master meter connections to five different water utility providers.  HBE has also designed existing waterline replacements located along Main Street and Pike Street in Clarksburg that were over 110 years old.  These three separate waterline replacement projects involved complex excavation and waterline replacement to work around the many other utilities inherent with a busy urban area.


250,000 Gallon Bulldog Storage Tank

     Hornor Brothers Engineers has been working with the Town of West Union in Doddridge County, WV recently since 2002.  Projects have included water and sewer extensions to a new high school campus, waterline extensions to new customers west of the Town, and waterline replacements and improvements within its existing water system.  This latter project included replacing an existing concrete storage tank previously designed by HBE nearly 70 years earlier.


Waterline Replacement in Residential Neighborhood

     The Summit Park Public Service District located near Clarksburg in Harrison County, WV retained the services of HBE to design the replacement of a portion of its distribution system that had been impacted by coal mining. The waterline replacement occurred in an old and densely populated area which required very detailed mapping and close cooperation among the existing utilities and the residents.